February 16, 2017 Joe Slack 2 comments

I was at a game prototyping event a few weeks ago and was talking to another game designer about … what else? Games.

He was mentioning a poorly themed game about being stuck in traffic and we started riffing on other bad themes we’d never want to use.

Here are some we came up with including a few I’ve thought of since:

  • Watching grass grow
  • Things to do while waiting ‎for a delayed flight at the airport
  • School Janitor (oh no, someone get the sawdust…)
  • Superhero accountants
  • Counting Sheep: The Game

It’s funny, but sometimes brainstorming the worst ideas ever can make you think differently and a really great idea might come to mind.

‎What are some terrible or boring-to-tears themes that you’d never want to see in a game?  Leave your thoughts below!