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Only Funny On Paper: Volume I

An hilarious collection of comedy sketches, pictures, and random thoughts to make you

laugh until you cry. And cry until you laugh some more.

  • Find out what happens when assertiveness training goes wrong
  • Discover the problems with outsourcing 911
  • Take a trip to the Inconvenience Store

All this and much, much more.


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A comedy sketch with a poem about the

most important meal of the day.

School Announcements

A word from your principal letting you know

about cafeteria specials, appropriate attire,

and toupees. 

Pictures Worth 1,000 Words or More


Now serving glocks!


Yum! All my favourite desserts, including brown rice, rotis, and even steam noodle!


Who needs ,proof reading ?,


Hold on, Red Curry what?!?!


Concept?  I just wanted a coffee!


Pitchers for Diwali?  Is that a thing now?

Oh sorry, it's actually a Pticher...

Booked in a Clay Oven

Mmm, Tandoori Roti!  Booked in a clay


Frise 2

Frise... My favourite side dish...

Oh, this place is now out of business. 

I guess this deal was just too good...