Cunning Linguistics


Cunning Linguistics

The adult party game where you kumquat, pussywillow, and shuttlecock your way to victory.


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                          About the Game

Cunning Linguistics is a unique, creative game where a topic is given and all players come up with solutions based on words on the cards in front of them.  The goal is to create the most original, hilarious, or just plain strange answer, in hopes that everyone will vote for yours as their favourite.  It's easy to play but hard to put down!

Here are some comments about Cunning Linguistics from reviewers and gamers:

"It is a game that you play to have fun and hopefully some laughs with friends and family. Scoring/winning is second to having a good time.

That said I actually enjoyed the scoring system in Cunning Linguistics a lot more than a lot of these party games."

- Geeky Hobbies


“It could be the next big hit.”

– To Die For Games


"I find the game easy to learn and teach, making it a great pick up party game... Cunning Linguistics is going to be a great addition to your party game library and will bring a lot of laughs to any game night."

– Kickin' It With Meg


“If you are in the market for a simple, light party game this one definitely will be for you… It’s easy to learn, it’s easy to teach.”

- Bowers Game Corner


“Cunning Linguistics has a lot of the same appeal as Once Upon a Time.

The game creates a structure to spark your creativity and hilarious things can happen.”

- Rum and Board


"This game is so much fun! I love the creativity and naughtiness that comes out of the people you least expect!

A game to take the party to the next level... 10 times more fun than Cards Against Humanity."

- Kerri B


"Cunning Linguistics definitely takes the cake for the most creative and fun game I have ever played...

We were all laughing so hard we were crying by the end of it!"

- Penny S