About Us. Well...Um... Me...

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Joe Slack

Hey! I'm Joe.


I'm a full-time board game designer and I've also taught at Wilfrid Laurier University's Game Design and Development program. I've been designing games for over 5 years and I try to bring both my creativity and math and statistics background together to create awesome games.


I love board games and card games, and have been playing them since I was a kid. I even made some of my own D&D adventures when I was younger. I love both playing and creating games that make use of laughter, creativity, and strategy, but most importantly they have to be fun and make you want to play them again and again.  That's what I strive for when I create something new.


I also grew up on Kids in the Hall, Monty Python, SCTV, In Living Color, and Saturday Night Live, so I've always had a fascination for sketch comedy.  I've been writing sketch comedy for about ten years, as part of a troupe as well as on my own. I try to apply some of my crazy humour to my games where I can.


Here are some of my current favourite tabletop games:

  • * Pandemic & Pandemic Legacy Season 1
  • * Century: Spice Road
  • * For Sale
  • * Azul
  • * Friday


Here are my current (and not so current!) favourite video games:

  • * Fire N Ice (NES)
  • * Dragon Warrior Series (NES)
  • * Super Mario 3 (NES - Can you tell I like the original Nintendo?)
  • * Super Mario Kart (any version!)