Published Games

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Relics of Rajavihara

14 Frantic Minutes

King of Indecision

A replayable solo legacy game without the ripped up cards and stickered board. Challenge yourself with 50 levels of puzzle-y adventure, then once you've completed your mission, you'll open up and unlock a whole new adventure...

Original campaign funded in just 4 hours on Kickstarter.

Re-print and expansion funded in only 25 minutes!

14 Frantic Minutes is a tension-filled puzzle-y co-operative game. You all win… or lose… together.

Escape this evil genius and his high-tech lab by working together, using your wits and circuit pieces,

making your way through a series of rooms, each more challenging than the last.

But watch out… he’s close behind.

Strategy. Timing. Suspense.

Gather resources and make your offer before the King changes his mind... again.

Available here from Analog Game Studios

Kingdom's Candy: Monsters

Zoo Year's Eve

Four Word Thinking

You are a villain, greedy for candy. Capture monsters and feed them a steady diet of sugar cubes, as you build up their abilities and help you gain even more candy. Just make sure you have enough to feed them when the next black candy card arrives...

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Be the first team of animals to sneak into the party and you’ll win, but you’ll have to use all your cunning and skills. Some animals are a bit large to sneak in and you may have to disguise them without bringing attention to yourself...

Published by XYZ Game Labs

Can you put two and two together? In Four Word Thinking, 2–6 players race to pair up hexagonal tiles with two-letter combinations to claim four-letter words—and victory! The domino style of play means every new card changes the available letters, so players must think FA-ST. 

Available from Chronicle here

Games in Development

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Book Worms

Mayan Curse


It's like Boggle... in reverse... with worms! 

Instead of finding words, you send your worm around the board, collecting letters for your own board. Make as many words as you can in columns, rows, and diagonals, and use bonus point letters to score the most points.

In late stages of development

Set out on the adventure of a lifetime against other explorers just as eager as you to discover an amulet that will give you eternal youth and joy!

Move marble slabs, use your sacred stones to uncover the right path, and race for victory in this ever-changing adventure game.

Coming to Kickstarter Fall 2023

You are a scuba diver, hired to collect rare tropical fish.

Swim and collect the right fish, but make sure you place them in the best tanks to complete collections and win side-bets between you and other divers.

Easy to learn, super-fast turns, and more strategy than you'd expect.

In late stages of development

Jewel Heist

Cunning Linguistics

Isle of Rock n Roll

The Hope Diamond has just been stolen! But who is the real thief and in which briefcase is it hidden? The thief also controls an accomplice and 5 innocent suspects he's paid off to dress just like him.

It's thief vs. detective in this quick game about trickery and deception.

In late stages of development

The adult party game where you kumquat, pussywillow, and shuttlecock your way to victory!


Gain fans, popularity, and the top spot on the charts in this highly-thematic game of rock and roll domination. Be the loudest band by scoring the most decibels on a mixing console!

In late stages of development

Playing Chicken

Code Smashers

(formerly known as Defio)

Awesome Sauce

Playing Chicken is a trick-taking game... with a twist! It's all about pushing your luck and trying to figure out what your opponents are going to do next.

In late stages of development

You are an ace code breaker hired by an elite agency and sent on a mission to decrypt a highly secret message. However, your enemy has also sent their best agent to break the same code.

Who will be the ultimate code smasher?

In development

In Awesome Sauce, players are chefs competing in the ultimate 10 minute (10 round) cooking competition.

But players have to be careful... some chefs don't play by the rules!

In late stages of development

Details on other games currently in development coming soon!