games in development

Mayan Curse

Mayan Curse is a 1-6 player game where you make puzzle-y paths to reach the temple and then escape before the walls close in.

But watch out! If you stay too long, you’ll be trapped forever. Plan well and get out before the boulders block your exit.

Mayan Curse will soon be available for late pledges!


Dream big dreams and build your own colourful creature in this fast-paced game for 2-6 players. Includes a unique dream sequencing mechanic, interesting abilities, and building your own 3D animal! 

In late stages of development

Pollen Nation

2-4 players compete to collect pollinators and release them into the field to pollenate and capture flowers.

Simple rules with plenty of timing and strategy. 

In late stages of development


Fire up your tractor beam and capture different species in this tug-of-war battle for alien supremacy!

For 2-4 players who love matching, puzzles, and a bit of push and pull.

In late stages of development