mayan curse

A group of archeologists have discovered the location of a secret temple. Can you reach the top and be the first to discover the secret ancient city?
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mayan curse

Make puzzle-y paths to reach the temple and

then escape before the walls close in.

                    Slide stone slabs. Create a path to the temple. Get out alive.

Explore the secret passage to the ancient temple, collect the most knowledge, and escape before you’re trapped forever!

Each round, you’ll draw 3 magical sacred stones from the bag, then slide the ancient stone floor to try and create a safe path of the matching symbols. The longer the path you make, the further you can move toward the temple.

As you traverse deeper, you’ll discover stelae (Mayan monuments) that increase your knowledge (which is what you need to win). But the greatest secret waits for you at the very top of the temple—that is, if you can reach it and get back to the entrance in time. If all 3 of the temple’s boulders reach the entrance before you return, you’ll be sealed inside forever, and none of your knowledge will matter!

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